4 Ways drafting Victor Wembanyama will shift the Spurs' offseason plans

Devin Vassell
Devin Vassell / Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
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Thanks to incredible luck in the NBA Draft Lottery, the San Antonio Spurs will now have the privilege of making Victor Wembanyama the first overall pick. That is a game-changer for a rebuilding team with seemingly no end in sight. While they chose to tank last season, their offseason outlook would have been much different had the lottery balls not bounced in their favor.

But they did, and winning the Wemby sweepstakes will result in more urgent offseason plans for San Antonio. The team will, among other things, have to figure out how fast to ramp up now that they have their potential franchise player in place. Do they stay on their current path, or do they look to make the playoffs as soon as next season?

The latter seemed highly unlikely a few days ago, but anything may be possible with a teenager that many people consider the best prospect in basketball history. With this in mind, let's delve deeper into how landing Wembanyama will shift the Spurs' offseason objectives.

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