4 times Spurs GM Brian Wright has fleeced other teams in a trade

Brian Wright
Brian Wright / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages
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1.) The Dejounte Murray Trade

Former Spurs All-Star Dejounte Murray was seen as the future of the team before his being dealt to the Atlanta Hawks back in the summer of 2022. Trading Murray for a package that included three first-round picks was definitely a controversial decision by Wright, but it ultimately proved to be the right one.

Murray was good enough to help prop up a mediocre Spurs team, but without him, the Spurs were able to bottom out and secure the top pick in this year's NBA draft. Now they have Wembanyama to show for it, as well as three first-round picks. That is quite the haul for Wright, and it could continue to pay dividends for the Spurs for years to come.

While the top-14 protected Charlotte pick may or may not convey, Atlanta's 2025 and 2027 picks are both unprotected. The Hawks are young enough to still be good in two seasons, though anything can happen by 2027. That uncertainty works in the Spurs' favor, with them potentially receiving a lottery pick or another team's valuing it as such in a potential trade. Either way, this trade is a win for the Spurs and Wright.