4 times Spurs GM Brian Wright has fleeced other teams in a trade

Brian Wright
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3.) The Three-Team Dallas and Boston Trade

Move number three is perhaps Wright's most creative. On the surface, it seems that the Spurs were roped into the deal for their cap space and ability to take on Reggie Bullock's deal. That is partly the case, but Wright made the smart decision to trade one of the team's many second-round picks to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for unprotected swap rights on their 2030 first-round pick.

That could be huge since super star Luka Doncic isn't under contract through 2030, and if the Mavericks struggle again, he could demand a trade well before then. Swap rights would mean that the Spurs could get Dallas' pick that year, no matter where they finish. Compare that to the two 2024 picks that the team owns from Toronto and Charlotte, which are top-six and lottery-protected.

There will be a lot of focus on the standings to see where they will finish and whether the Spurs can receive their picks. On the other hand, San Antonio could have the best record in the NBA, and Dallas could end up with, say, the fourth or 17th pick, and the Spurs would still have swap rights.

That is far better than just having the second-round pick, and it gives the Spurs a chance to land a lottery pick when Wembanyama is in his prime. Wright could even trade Bullock for multiple second-rounders at the trade deadline and repeat the process on another team next summer. Fantastic move.