4 times Spurs GM Brian Wright has fleeced other teams in a trade

Brian Wright
Brian Wright / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs general manager Brian Wright has been the team's decision-maker for a little over four years now. While he got off to a shaky start, he emerged as one of the better GMs in the NBA. As an assistant GM Wright, was credited with helping negotiate the Kawhi Leonard trade back in the summer of 2018. That move was panned at the time, leading to doubts about whether he could replace long-time GM RC Bufford, but the deal looks a lot better in retrospect.

In fact, that is true of a lot of his moves, with many of his transactions playing out in unexpected ways that often benefit the Spurs later on. That knack should make other teams wary of trading with Wright and the Spurs. However, he has already made five deals this summer and might make another trade before the start of next season.

That wheeling and dealing by Wright has been key to San Antonio's rapid rebuild, which really only started three seasons ago following the 2019-20 season. Since then, they have had a collection of more than 34 draft picks and several talented young players, including number one overall pick Victor Wembanyama. They wouldn't be in that enviable position without winning a few deals, and with that in mind, here are four times that Wright has fleeced other teams in a trade.