4 tantalizing Keldon Johnson trade scenarios that may net the Spurs a star

After an ugly start, the San Antonio Spurs have momentum as they head into the summer and may make a big deal this offseason as a result.
Keldon Johnson
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Darius Garland trade

1) Darius Garland

If the Cavaliers are confident that Mitchell will stay put in Cleveland, then they might be open to trading point guard Darius Garland. Garland and Mitchell share the backcourt in Cleveland but an extended absence from Garland showed what the Cavs could look like with Mitchell running the show.

They were one of the hottest teams in the league without Garland, which suggests that he might not be needed. Were the Cavs to come to that conclusion, then the Spurs would seem like an obvious potential trade partner with their need at point guard and their draft assets.

A hypothetical offer of Johnson, Graham, Malaki Branham, Chicago's top-10 protected 2025 first, Toronto's top-six protected pick (if it doesn't convey this year), and Charlotte's 2025 lottery-protected first for Garland might be a good starting point.

Cleveland would be able to reallocate Garland's salary by adding a cheap shooter in Branham and a small forward in Johnson. They'd also get two likely lottery selections and possibly another first, including Charlotte's pick, which would otherwise convert into two seconds.

Garland is under contract for four more seasons and is only 23, and his shooting and passing would be a fantastic addition to the Spurs. If he becomes available, then San Antonio should be interested.