4 Stars the Spurs can trade for to pair with Victor Wembanyama

Jan 22, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (12) and Phoenix Suns guard
Jan 22, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant (12) and Phoenix Suns guard / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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Victor Wembanyama is not the typical draft prospect. It's incredibly unfair to expect instant production out of most teenagers coming into the league, and the smart approach for any team sitting at the top of the draft to build slowly with an eye to the future.

That's still going to be the big-picture course of action for the San Antonio Spurs after winning the Draft Lottery and presumably taking Victor Wembanyama first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft. Yet Wembanyama, while he will need time to adjust physically to the NBA game, is so physically gifted and talented that he will make an instant impact. He will be providing All-Star type production very early in his career, if not as a rookie already.

That opens up a host of possibilities for the Spurs as they jumpstart their rebuild. With Wembanyama, Malaki Branham, Jeremy Sochan and Keldon Johnson in place, they can start looking for top-flight stars to pair with Vic. Who could the Spurs target to take some pressure off of Wembanyama but also help him to start competing and winning games early on in his career?

No. 4: Chris Paul, Phoenix Suns

Of the four star players on this list, trading for Chris Paul would be the least expensive move, and for good reason; Paul is 38 years old. But his passing ability would help Wembanyama develop quickly, and he has a track record of joining young teams and helping to mentor their stars; look at the leap that Devin Booker took in Phoenix.

The Suns may very well be looking for a place to effectively "dump" Paul's salary, either directly or as part of a three-team trade. The Spurs could take his salary into their cap space, sending back marginal money or nothing at all. In return, they get one of the greatest point guards in NBA history to help bring along their young core.

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