4 Spurs who are most likely to get traded before training camp

Zach Collins and Devonte Graham
Zach Collins and Devonte Graham / Aaron Meullion-USA TODAY Sports
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3.) Devonte' Graham

Spurs guard Devonte' Graham was acquired by the team at last season's trade deadline and played reasonably well in Silver and Black. But after an offseason roster overhaul, there doesn't appear to be a significant role for him. Ironically, his unusual contract, which includes $12.1 million for next season and just $2.8 million guaranteed for 2024–25, makes him both a useful trade chip and harder to move.

If he were packaged with McDermott, the Spurs could take back a player on a big expiring contract like Kyle Lowry. That would be nice for both the Spurs and the Heat. Of course, there aren't that many players on big expiring contracts, leaving players on contracts similar to his. There are few obvious options, especially since San Antonio probably isn't willing to take on players with more than one year remaining unless they get a first-round pick or a player they like. They can't also waive that player to make roster room.

It is possible that the Spurs will keep Graham into next season if they waive Khem Birch, trade McDermott, and either trade or cut Osman. That would give them more time and options. If worst comes to worst, they could technically waive him and only be on the hook for this year's salary and his small guarantee for 24–25.

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