4 Spurs who are most likely to get traded before training camp

Zach Collins and Devonte Graham
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1.) Cedi Osman

Small forward Cedi Osman was acquired by the Spurs in a three-team deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat a few weeks ago. And if the Spurs weren't so pressed for roster spots, they might keep Osman. After all, he is a good shooter, something any team can use, and proved to be a capable defender last season, but he would be buried in the depth chart with better options.

Based on that, the Spurs will probably look to package him in a trade or even just release him if it comes to that. Osman is owed just $6.7 million for next season, making him an affordable depth piece and a likely throw-in in a bigger trade. Or perhaps a good team would be willing to trade a second and a non-essential player to the Spurs, whom the team could later waive.

That would be the best-case scenario since it would probably mean that San Antonio wouldn't take back salary that goes beyond next season. Plus, they would clear out a roster spot and pick up yet another draft pick for their efforts. One way or another, it seems like a safe bet that Osman won't be on the team next season.

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