4 San Antonio Spurs whose futures will be impacted by Victor Wembanyama

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Jeremy Sochan
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4. Jeremy Sochan

When the league announced the San Antonio Spurs won the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, one of my first thoughts revolved around Jeremy Sochan and how much easier the game will be for him moving forward playing next to Victor Wembanyama.

Even without Wembanyama, he had a strong rookie season in which he averaged 11.0 points and 5.3 rebounds on 45.3% shooting from the field. Analysts already viewed Sochan as somewhat of an emerging difference-maker for the Spurs. His future in San Antonio and the league has become directly tied to Wembanyama.

If Sochan can develop a consistent jumper, there's reason to believe the frontcourt duo of Wembanyama and Sochan can emerge as one of the more dynamic and versatile frontcourt pairings in the league. And with the current construction of the team's roster, you'd have to imagine their immediate success will predominantly depend on this young duo.

For better or worse (and hopefully for better), Sochan's outlook and potential have certainly changed because of Wembanyama.

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