4 San Antonio Spurs whose futures will be impacted by Victor Wembanyama

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Gregg Popovich
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1. Gregg Popovich

At least on the surface, it appears that the acquisition of Victor Wembanyama could have a massive impact on the future of Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. The 74-year-old is the oldest head coach in the NBA, and it would be easy to assume Pop is closing in on retirement. However, the injection of excitement and hope back into the Spurs organization via Wembanyama could be the jolt Pop needed to get him to stick around a few more years.

Maybe that was his plan either way, but you'd have to imagine Pop can't simply walk away from the team now. Wembanyama, for his development, needs stability in San Antonio. And Pop has been the steadying foundation of the Spurs over the last few decades.

Of note, Popovich's contract with the Spurs expired after the 2022-23 NBA season, but the overwhelming expectation is he will be back as the team's head coach next season. 

I don't believe Pop and Webanyama are tied at the hip necessarily, but there is no question there's an expectation Pop will play an instrumental part in the early years of Wembanyama's career in the NBA.

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