4 Spurs players who have one more year to prove they belong

If the San Antonio Spurs don't make meaningful changes to the roster this summer, there are a handful of players who must prove their worth to the team in 2024.
Brooklyn Nets v San Antonio Spurs
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2. Julian Champagnie

Julian Champagnie had been a G-League standout when he first arrived in the NBA while playing for the Austin Spurs. His play would earn him more games with San Antonio and during this time, he has displayed a handful of good minutes.

As a result, Champagnie was rewarded with a 4-year extension worth 12 million dollars last summer. The former St. John's forward was also guaranteed a spot on last year's 15-man roster. However, after suiting up for 70-plus games (15 in 2022-2023), Champagnie's production dipped. He finished the year averaging just 6.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.4 assists.

Like Wesley, Champagnie also displays superb athleticism. Although Champagnie is a far better defender, he runs the floor well on offense and has a high motor, attacking the rim with ease.

Champagnie has not been mentioned in trade talks, so you would think San Antonio is giving him a chance to improve. He can bring a lot to this team and you can tell he loves the organization. He fits in well, and his skill set is unique, but his clock to prove himself is ticking.