4 Spurs that need monster second halves of the season to save their jobs

The regular season is winding down, and while teams are battling for the playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs will be evaluating four players with a lot to prove.

Malaki Branham, Victor Wembanyama, Zach Collins
Malaki Branham, Victor Wembanyama, Zach Collins / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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1) Keldon Johnson 

Prior to the start of the 2023–24 season, Keldon Johnson was projected to be the team's third-best player. He was for most of the season thus far before a slump cast doubt on his future with the team. After all, he is coming off the bench, and while he has generally played well in the second unit if he continues to struggle against opposing benches, then he might not have a future in San Antonio.

The Spurs were reportedly open to moving him earlier this season, and with rumors of a potential Trae Young deal, he could be included in that trade. Even if they don't trade him for Young, he could see the Spurs draft his replacement with possibly two top-10 picks at their disposal.

He still has 3 years remaining on his affordable deal, and they could look to move him again if the right deal comes along or they select a wing who steps in and is able to contribute immediately. Or, hopefully, Johnson can play more consistently over the last leg of the season, and the Spurs can justify keeping their longest-tenured player around going forward.