4 Reasons the Spurs have been the biggest winners of the NBA offseason

Victor Wembanyama
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4.) Landing Victor Wembanyama in the NBA Draft

It's amazing how easily the Spurs offseason would have turned out if they had lost the NBA draft lottery. With just a 14.3% chance at the top pick, the Spurs lucked out to say the least and it could be a franchise altering moment.

Had they not won the lottery, the Spurs possibly would have approached the offseason much differently after their tanking efforts had failed. Perhaps they would have abruptly changed course similar to what the Rockets chose to do.

They ultimately opted to re-sign Tre Jones and made smaller moves like trading for Payne with Wembanyama on board. But had they not drafted him, they probably would have been fine giving the trio of Jones, Devonte Graham, and Blake Wesley another run, something that likely won't happen now.

With a lot of the rotation already set, the Spurs may not appear to be actively building around Wembanyama at the moment. However, the team addressing their weakness at point guard is an attempt to try and make their new franchise player's transition to the NBA much smoother. If it is, then that those relatively small moves could help maximize the team's big offseason acquisition and help them win a lot more games next season.


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