4 Reasons the Spurs have been the biggest winners of the NBA offseason

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1.) Reaching the salary floor without spending big bucks

For years, the Spurs made few trades, but they have made up for lost time this summer. The Spurs have made four trades since the NBA draft, and they have been creatively using their cap space in the process. They used some of their cap space to acquire Cedi Osman, a wing who can knock down threes, Reggie Bullock, a three and D wing, and Cam Payne, a backup point guard.

Each deal required the Spurs to use at least some of their cap space, netted the team additional draft assets, and allowed them to slowly reach the salary floor for next season. Better yet, Payne and Bullock could both play a role in the team's second unit, meaning that the Spurs acquired assets to take back rotation players.

Contrast that with the Houston Rockets, who overpaid to bring in several veterans using their cap space, some of them on long-term deals. Meanwhile, each of the aforementioned players has an expiring contract, ensuring that the Spurs aren't stuck paying a player who isn't a part of their future. It's a good way to use cap space: take decent players into that space in exchange for assets, then keep the ones that fit the roster in the short term.

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