4 Reasons the NBA should secretly want the Spurs to pick 1st in the NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft, Adam Silver
2022 NBA Draft, Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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Reason #2: Distribution of talent

Rumors have persisted the Spurs may eventually leave San Antonio, with their northern neighbors in Austin frequently mentioned as a possibility. While that is unlikely to happen, drafting Wembanyama would ensure the Spurs stay put. After all, a recent report estimates that Wembanyama could add $500 million in value to the team that is fortunate enough to select him first overall, meaning he would be a windfall for the franchise if he came to San Antonio, perhaps even more so than for Houston or Detroit. 

After all, Detroit won the NBA Draft Lottery a couple of seasons ago and selected Cade Cunningham first in 2021. They also chose Jaden Ivey fifth in 2022. Meanwhile, Houston took Jalen Green second and Jabari Smith third overall in 2021 and 2022, respectively. While none of them are as talented as Wembanyama, each could become a star in their own right.

San Antonio doesn't have a player on their roster with as high a ceiling as any of those earlier-mentioned players, and they desperately need a star. For parity, marketing, and revenue purposes, the NBA should want a star on every team, and the league office should hope the Spurs find theirs in Wembanyama.