4 Reasons the NBA should secretly want the Spurs to pick 1st in the NBA Draft

2022 NBA Draft, Adam Silver
2022 NBA Draft, Adam Silver / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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Reason #4: The legacy continues

With players like David Robinson, Tim Duncan, and LaMarcus Aldridge suiting up in San Antonio, the Spurs drafting Wembanyama could be the latest in a line of dominant big men. History and tradition are defining features of the NBA, and Commissioner Adam Silver should secretly hope that Wembanyama goes to a franchise with an extensive history of winning.

While Detroit and Houston have also had plenty of success over the years, the Spurs have the highest winning percentage in NBA history, even after missing the playoffs for a franchise record fourth consecutive year. San Antonio being able to pick first in the NBA Draft and taking Wembanyama would allow the team to quickly turn things around and potentially make it back to the playoffs in just a couple of seasons.

The NBA Draft Lottery is all about helping bad teams improve. After finishing with the second-worst record in the NBA this season, the Spurs could certainly use some help, but they are also the best equipped to win with Wembanyama. They have assembled a young team full of exciting prospects, but none of them project to be superstars. Adding him to the mix could give San Antonio the best young core in the NBA and allow them to return to their winning ways.