4 Prospects that could convince Spurs to trade for another first-rounder in NBA Draft

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. Freshman, 20.2 yrs. . 6'10", 225 lbs. Bobi Klintman. PF. player. 448

Unassuming per-game numbers for a mediocre Wake Forest team caused Bobi Klintman to coast under the draft radar this season, but he is among the most intriguing sleepers in this class. Trading back into the first round for the Sweden native might sound like a reach. However, an organization willing to exercise patience and invest resources could land a steal.

The 20-year-old forward has a buttery spot-up jumper from the corners and an evident feel for relocating around the arc to find wide-open looks within the natural cadence of the offense. His solid court vision, pinpoint deliveries, and comfortability handling the ball after snaring rebounds or turnovers make him a potential playmaking threat in transition.

Klintman has the physical tools to be an impactful on-ball defender in the NBA. He uses his deft feet to contain drives before smothering shots with his outlandish length. Smaller guards can burst past him on the perimeter, and traditional bruisers can shed him in the post, so he must pack muscle onto his slender build without hindering his lateral mobility.

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