4 Most underrated players on the San Antonio Spurs roster

Victor Wembanyama, Blake Wesley, Julian Champagnie, Dominick Barlow
Victor Wembanyama, Blake Wesley, Julian Champagnie, Dominick Barlow / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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3.) Tre Jones

Fourth-year player Tre Jones is expected to start at point guard and play a big role for the Spurs in 2023–24. This is despite San Antonio's looking for an upgrade in the draft and in free agency but coming up empty. That has led to many fans being down on him ahead of next season, even though the team seems fine with him continuing in his role as a starter. The Spurs likely selected Jones 41st overall in 2020 because they believed that he could become a reliable point guard.

Lo and behold, he has. It's true that he is best suited to be an off-the-bench point guard who's more than capable of running a second unit, rather than a low-end starter. Still, he should be fine helping a young Spurs team get good shots. Jones has developed a reputation as a high assist-low turnover player, suggesting that he not only makes the right read but doesn't make errant passes.

San Antonio has often put an emphasis on taking care of the ball, not only to maximize the number of offensive possessions but also to prevent teams from getting out on the fastbreak. With the Spurs likely to play slower next season with Wemby, having a solid playmaker who can distribute the ball effectively without making mistakes is useful. And while he is still a work in progress on offense, he was more aggressive, attacking the basket.

He shot worse from floater range, a spot that he is normally effective shooting from, so there is hope that he'll be more efficient next season. Of course, his 3-point shot is his swing skill. If he can consistently knock down the open three, then he suddenly looks like a starting guard—still a low-end starter, but one nonetheless. No matter what, Jones is still one of the more underrated players on the roster.

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