4 Frontcourt enforcers the Spurs should pursue to help Wembanyama

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Jakob Poeltl, Wesley Matthews
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3. Jakob Poeltl

As funny as it would be to see Jakob flip-flop back and forth between the Raptors and the Spurs, this is almost the perfect scheme fit. Jakob knows the system, the players, and the coaching staff. He would slide right back into his role as a rim protector, and he could hover around the dunker spot on offense.

When you think of elite role players in this league, Jakob is almost always one of the first names that come to mind. Poeltl will be a coveted asset when he hits the open market this summer. But given the relationships he has forged within the Spurs organization, San Antonio could have the upper hand in free agency negotiations.

Poeltl makes so much sense for this rebuilding roster, and if the Spurs could snatch him away from the Raptors for the second time, it would almost be poetic.