4 Frontcourt enforcers the Spurs should pursue to help Wembanyama

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Kristaps Porzingis
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2. Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps' price tag is likely too much for the Spurs, but with a projected $40 million in cap space, if he declines his player option, San Antonio could dish out the funds to land another European big. What makes Kristaps such an appealing option is, at 27 years old, he still fits the timeline and can give you another half-decade of impressive production.

Porzingis is coming off the best offensive season in the NBA, and it looks like he's finally escaped the injuries that plagued him early in his career. Averaging 23.2 points per game while shooting 38% from three, Porzingis could take on the bulk of the scoring load in the frontcourt while giving Wembanyama room to develop until he can take over as the top option. 

Porzingis would undoubtedly be a pricey addition, but San Antonio would become a playoff team almost immediately after an acquisition of this magnitude. Everything would still hinge on Porzingis declining his option, but if he decides to look elsewhere, the Spurs would be wise to gauge his price tag and take a shot at luring him to the 2-1-0.