4 Frontcourt enforcers the Spurs should pursue to help Wembanyama

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Brook Lopez
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1. Brook Lopez

Spurs fans may look at Lopez's age and wince at the thought of dishing out substantial money to a 35-year-old, but Lopez is coming off one of the best seasons of his career. Not only does he give you a big body to take on the physicality of opposing centers, but his ability to stretch the floor would be crucial in allowing Victor to develop his offensive game.

Lopez averaged a career-high 2.5 blocks per game for the Bucks this season and shot the three ball at an astounding 37% on a hair under five attempts. With the direction in which the league is moving, Lopez could provide three to four years of solid basketball for San Antonio while mentoring Wembanyama on the finer points of rim protection.

San Antonio would immediately become one of the stingiest defenses in the NBA, with two massive seven-footers in their lineup alongside a lockdown defender like Jeremy Sochan. While the Spurs have to be smart with their money, if other teams become reluctant to trust an aging Lopez, he would be the perfect enforcer to complement Wembanyama.