4 fringe Spurs players that deserve another shot next season

After missing the playoffs for a fifth straight year, the San Antonio Spurs' roster may see plenty of upheaval, but they should consider keeping these players.
Gregg Popovich
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3) Cedi Osman

Despite having a solid 2023–24 season for the Spurs, Cedi Osman's future in San Antonio isn't exactly clear at the moment. He will be a free agent and showed himself to be a useful offensive player whose shooting ability and energy helped boost the second unit.

Nevertheless, he is 29 and may want a multi-year contract, whereas the Spurs may prefer to keep their options open. That may be especially true with potentially two top-10 picks in this year's draft, which may result in them picking a wing who would need minutes.

Nevertheless, the Spurs should consider bringing him back, even if on a one-year deal that might pay him more than he would otherwise make in free agency. That would give San Antonio a reliable offensive player who can come in and knockdown shots while giving them the flexibility to move on should better options present themselves.

Moreover, with few veterans on the team, they may value him more because they know what they're getting on a nightly basis compared to a younger and more inexperienced player. Based on that, San Antonio should look to bring Osman back next season, hopefully on a short-term deal that would allow them to keep their options open.