4 Dream trade deadline targets for Spurs (and what they'd cost)

Phoenix Suns v Atlanta Hawks
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1. Trae Young

This is the best-case scenario for San Antonio. This move must be made if they want to go all-in on their future. Trading for the 25-year-old superstar, who has already openly stated that he'd love to team up with Wembanyama, would form a tandem that could be on the Jokic and Murray type of elite.

Why would Atlanta give up the core piece of their franchise? Well, when the Spurs shipped off former All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray to Atlanta back in the 2022 offseason, the Hawks gave up a HAUL of draft picks, including the rights to their first-round picks in 2025, 2026 and 2027, with 2025 and 27 being unprotected, and the swap rights to Atlanta's first-rounder in 2026 which means if the Hawks get a higher pick in that draft, San Antonio can swap picks to move up.

In other words, San Antonio pretty much owns Atlanta's entire future, and with the Hawks struggling to build consistency of winning and now putting almost their entire roster up for trade, it seems that Atlanta might be looking to restart if they can't find postseason success.

Trae Young to SA

Do you know when you get a good hand in poker and shove all your chips into the middle? This is that good hand for San Antonio. This is Brian Wright is buying all-in to the future dynamic duo of dominance in Trae Young and Victor Wembanyama.

Getting the point guard of the future could not be more crucial then paring him next to the generational talent in Wemby, and let's not forget the Spurs already have 40 losses on the season, and with 32 games left, there most likely wouldn't be enough time for the Spurs to make a late postseason push. This means their own first-round pick will likely hit the lottery, allowing them to replace Johnson in a very wing-heavy class.

With just under 72 hours till the deadline, we'll see how the Spurs choose to play their cards.