4 Defensive specialists the Spurs should target in free agency

Indiana Pacers v Toronto Raptors
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3. Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown was instrumental in the Denver Nuggets impressive championship run this season. After declining his player option, Brown will become an extremely coveted asset across the association. He is another Swiss Army knife defender who can cover one through four, and can switch onto centers in a pinch. Brown was an effective defender against Lebron James in the Western Conference Finals, and he consistently gave him fits.

Similar to Williams, Brown's strength is his best trait on defense. However, Brown's lateral quickness is what separates him from the rest of the guys on this list. Brown is also unique in the fact he's become a much more impactful offensive player. Not only could he provide incredible value defensively, but Brown is a guy Pop could trust late in games on both sides of the floor. He'll be commanding a much larger paycheck this summer, but if any team has the funds, it would be the Spurs.