3 Winners and 3 Losers from San Antonio Spurs Preseason

San Antonio Spurs Silver & Black Scrimmage
San Antonio Spurs Silver & Black Scrimmage / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Winner: Devin Vassell

While all eyes were on the first overall pick, Devin Vassell stole some of the spotlight. The fourth-year swingman flashed brilliant scoring abilities, shooting a league-leading 57.7% from three during the preseason. With Wembanyama attracting all the attention of opposing defenses, Vassell should have every opportunity to take advantage of the extra space on the court.

Vassell shot lights out from beyond the arc this preseason, and he also connected on 50% of all his field goal attempts. He found his spots off the dribble for a handful of midrange jumpers and made effective cuts to the basket. The former 11th overall pick might have a case for being San Antonio's number one scoring option with the sharpshooting he put on display.