3 Ways Victor Wembanyama could instantly make Spurs contenders

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The expectations for 7-foot-5 Victor Wembanyama are erupting through the roof like a transformer in a one-car garage. No one blames Spurs fans for the excitement they cannot (and should not) stifle in anticipation of the fast-approaching 2023 NBA Draft. After all, a large segment of them only knew what it was like to make the playoffs year after year before the precipitous drop occurred. For the rest, it had simply become customary.

Regardless of your status as an older or younger Spurs fan, successful regular seasons and perennial postseason appearances were the norm. Wemby's arrival is on the horizon, and he offers a hopeful light at the end of what has been a dreadful tunnel of irrelevance for San Antonio. Adding such talent to the roster can do many things for an organization, but most important in the minds of many is title contention and how fast the Spurs can get back to it.

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The San Antonio Spurs are known as an organization with things figured out in the culture department. Most people around the league understand what Gregg Popovich and the front office have built in the 2-1-0, but those things start coming into question the more a team loses. More importantly, the players can begin doubting themselves and whether what they are doing is working. Drafting Wembanyama will lead to more wins and increased trust in the system.

Under the expert coaching of Gregg Popovich, the Spurs can turn things around quicker than John Wick in a sea of enemies. The pivot requires talented players, a cultural buy-in, and a dedicated work ethic. All three are necessary to win. The Heat are a fantastic example of how powerful culture and work ethic can be. Golden State's preseason transgression fractured their culture. The season that followed put a spotlight on their flaws despite their immense talent.

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