3 Ways the Spurs' new shooting coach can impact their roster immediately

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1. Connect with the youth

Baron was born in 1986, so he is still only in his mid-30s. His age is by no means considered young by NBA player standards, but that completely changes if we look at this within the context of how he can connect with the youth in the league from a coaching perspective.

The Spurs are one of the youngest teams in the NBA, which is the opposite of what most fans of this organization have grown accustomed to seeing on the court. Bringing Baron aboard to help mold San Antonio's perimeter shooters by utilizing his recent playing experience is brilliant.

Think of it as bringing in a more age-appropriate, relatable coach for these young players. He may not have the well-defined smile lines of a 73-year-old playcaller like Popovich, but Baron possesses the shooting knowledge of a gray-haired coach with decades of experience under their belt.