3 Ways the Spurs can trade for another first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

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While the Spurs could always trade a player or package two second-round picks, the easiest way to acquire an extra first might be moving one of their future selections. Perhaps a team with two first-round picks in this draft would be willing to part ways with one of them for a potentially better pick down the road. With four first-rounders in 2025, the Spurs might not have room for all of them, and there may be a few teams that would be interested, including Houston, Orlando, Portland, Charlotte, and Indiana. The latter stands out the most.

The Pacers have three picks, and while they could consolidate them to move up in this year's draft, they could trade with the Spurs to effectively defer one of their selections until next season. In which case, the Spurs could acquire the 29th pick from Indiana. That would give San Antonio four selections in 2023, including two in the first round.

There are several ways for the Spurs to acquire an extra first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. However, fans must wait and see how the NBA Draft Lottery shakes out before any deals are on the table.

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