3 Ways the Spurs can trade for another first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

Gregg Popovich
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An underrated perk of being one of the worst teams in the NBA is that, in addition to getting an early lottery selection, the Spurs will also have a high second-round pick. San Antonio will have the 32nd. That pick alone holds value since it is practically a first, and the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) could make it more useful.

The same goes for the 44th pick San Antonio acquired from Toronto. One potential trade partner could be the Memphis Grizzlies. They have the 25th pick, but trading back a few spots could allow them to take advantage of a few new CBA rules. Starting next season, teams over the salary cap won't need to use an exception to sign second-round picks to three or four-year deals. They can also have three players on two-way contracts.

As a result, a team like Memphis could move back into the second round, select a player with the 31st pick, sign them using the new exception, and then use the 44th pick to draft and sign a prospect to a two-way deal. The Spurs already have several young players and limited roster spots and minutes to develop them, so consolidating their two seconds into one first is a savvy move.