3 Ways the Spurs re-signing Jakob Poeltl would benefit Wembanyama

Jakob Poeltl
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Way #1: Gives the Spurs an updated version of the Twin Towers.

Playing two 7'0 players together often means playing slower, something that Gregg Popovich has historically favored and would be able to do if the team signed Poeltl. That could work in San Antonio's favor, allowing them to play a modernized version of old-school basketball.

Popovich previously ran a methodical offense that featured two big men with Hall of Famer Tim Duncan as the centerpiece while also relying on him to anchor the defense, and he did the same with LaMarcus Aldridge. Wembanyama is a different animal, however, who could be just as dominant in a half-court setting while playing in less traditional ways.

With Poeltl by his side, the Spurs should be an efficient, low-turnover team, with Wembanyama being a matchup nightmare who can shoot over smaller defenders and take bigger defenders off the dribble. Meanwhile, Poeltl would be there to crash the offensive glass, find cutters, set brusing screens, and finish plays at the rim. Pop could even get weird and have Wemby run off pin-downs that Poeltl sets for open jumpers, or even have him operate as the ball-handler with Poeltl setting picks.


Defensively, Wembanyama may guard more out on the perimeter than some might expect, and the Spurs would need a great rim protector to patrol the paint. Poeltl fits the bill, and having a 7'4 power forward and a 7'0 center, both with arms for days, could pose a major problem for opposing teams shooting near the paint.