3 Trades the Spurs can make on NBA Draft night

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Raptors forward OG Anunoby is purportedly unhappy with his role, leading to speculation that the Toronto Raptors might eventually move him. They would certainly prefer to keep Anunoby, who averaged 17.1 points and 5.5 rebounds this season, but they drafted Scottie Barnes fourth overall in 2021. That has resulted in him apparently playing more without the ball than he would like, and that may become a bigger issue as Barnes's role increases.

Therefore, the Raptors could listen to trade offers now rather than wait for that to happen. The Spurs could put together a strong trade package consisting of Jakob Poeltl, McDermott, and the 20th and 38th pick for Anunoby and Khem Birch.

This doesn't mean a deal will get done, but it's worth noting that the Raptors had an interest in trading for Jakob Poeltl this season before ultimately settling for Thaddeus Young. They gave up what became the 20th pick to the Spurs in the Young deal and are still in need of an upgrade at center, but this trade would address both.

The Raptors would get their upgrade at center with Poeltl, get their first round pick back, and even add a valuable rotation player in McDermott. If that's not enough, then the Spurs have even more assets that they can toss into a deal, making a trade possible. However, it will come down to what the Raptors decide to do with Anunoby and when they decide to do it.