3 Things that show the Spurs are back after Wembanyama's debut

2023 NBA Summer League - Charlotte Hornets v San Antonio Spurs
2023 NBA Summer League - Charlotte Hornets v San Antonio Spurs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Space and Spot Selection

As the most highly touted prospect since LeBron James, Wemby understands that it is also his job to put pressure on the defense by being aggressive. This was apparent in the first quarter as he attacked his defender with his footwork and impressive ball-handling skills. He missed a lot of his shots last night, only going 2-of-13, but what he showed was an understanding of how to use his body and length to get to his spots easily.

Once Wembanyama gets to line up next to the Spurs' NBA starters, he will have the benefit of their professional experience. Meaning they understand how to space the floor around each other and have a higher skill level that will force defenses to respect them. Iron sharpens iron and right now, Wemby is playing with and against some copper elements. The players will elevate each other and in turn, elevate the team. A combination of all of these impacts will result in the Spurs' return to elite status sooner rather than later.


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