3 Things that show the Spurs are back after Wembanyama's debut

2023 NBA Summer League - Charlotte Hornets v San Antonio Spurs
2023 NBA Summer League - Charlotte Hornets v San Antonio Spurs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The Spurs' Summer League winning streak continues! In the dog days of summer, sports are at a premium. Hoops fans will relish the chance to watch semi-professional basketball, and competition is competition. Nobody wants to lose, and Victor Wembanyama showed his drive to win versus the number two overall pick, Brandon Miller. The weight of the world is on this young man's shoulders, and he's carrying it with grace.

The teenage sensation's opening night was not perfect, and those who have been paying attention know he will be harder on himself than anyone else. Based on Twitter's trending topics, the number of people tuning in to watch Wemby's debut was massive. Whether they were watching to see if he would succeed or fail, they were watching. His impact was immediate, and if you look past the box score, it was obvious the Spurs made the right pick to signify their return to excellence.

Fans Fueled

The fans are gassed up to watch this young man lace up his sneakers and put on a show on the NBA stage. At 17,500 seats sold, the Las Vegas crowd was filled to capacity with rear-ends firmly planted in chairs, waiting for the spectacular with bated breath every time Wemby touched the ball. The crowd oohed and aahed at the skill display the number one overall pick flashed at different moments throughout the ball game.

Traditionally, the Spurs have been looked at as a ho-hum, boring team that does not draw a lot of intrigue from the rest of the NBA. Being overlooked is something San Antonio's faithful have grown accustomed to during the Tim Duncan era, despite the dominance exhibited year after year. That disregard has only increased over the last four years as the Silver and Black have struggled to compete at a high level. But if yesterday's crowd is any indication, their appeal has done a complete 180 and the hype train is full steam ahead.

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