3 Things Spurs fans should watch closely in Victor Wembanyama's debut

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3.) Can Wemby handle the target on his back?

There will always be an emourmous target on your back when you're the first overall pick of your draft class, but earning the title of "best prospect since LeBron James" is a surefire way to guarantee every player in the gym wants to knock you down a peg. With most Summer League participants looking for a chance to secure a contract to keep their NBA dreams alive, there will be plenty of opponents trying to leave a lasting impression by putting Wembanyama on a poster.

Even if the slender rim protector meets every would-be dunker at the summit, they are just as likely to challenge him on the other end. No one wants to be remembered as the team or player that gave up a 40-piece to Wembanyama during his opening act in Las Vegas, so expect the Hornets to send double teams to get the ball out of his hands. Charlotte may have a game plan to turn Victor into a playmaker, but he has the passing chops to use his gravity to create open looks.

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