3 Things Spurs fans should watch closely in Victor Wembanyama's debut

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2.) Will the Spurs give him free rein on the court?

It is no secret Metropolitans 92 structured their roster around Wembanyama to highlight his skills and offer him as many touches as humanly possible. The offense ran through the young frenchman, and it worked to near perfection as opponents had no answers for his combination of size, ballhandling, and mobility. With that said, he was far from the most efficient scorer, often settling for contested jumpers and heat checks early into possessions.

Head Coach Vincent Collet gave Wembanyama a long leash to do practically anything he wanted, but it should be interesting to see if the Spurs follow that philosophy on Friday night. Their newest face of the franchise has some shot selection issues that can get him into trouble from time to time, and that trigger-happy mentality might be on display as he shakes off any first-game jitters. Nonetheless, fans are likely in for some eye-popping stepbacks and fadeways.

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