3 teams that could chase Spurs guard Tre Jones in free agency

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards
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2. Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are clasping onto the sixth seed in the Western Conference playoff race by the skin of their teeth, and a few losses could be the difference between a postseason run and making a surprise trip to the Draft Lottery. While their roster has some championship pieces, it has holes General Manager Michael Winger must address.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are the cornerstones of this organization, but they can only do so much without a fitting supporting cast. Their front acquired Mason Plumlee, Eric Gordon, and Russell Westbrook at the trade deadline, which has strengthened their depth and helped them stay afloat in the standings. Something is still missing in Los Angeles.

Though Westbrook has been serviceable as their starting point guard, the nine-time All-Star has been a defensive liability and continued committing turnovers at a ridiculous rate. The Clippers could re-sign him, but their top priority should be searching for a dependable floor general once the free-agent market opens for business this offseason.

Tre Jones seems like an excellent fit in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the cash-strapped Clippers, they are above the luxury tax threshold and have no cap space to chase the 23-year-old playmaker. They could negotiate a sign-and-trade with the Spurs, but that likely means they will have to part ways with Terrance Mann to entice PATFO to pick up the phone.