3 Teams that could steal Zach Collins from the Spurs next summer

San Antonio Spurs v Detroit Pistons
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2. The Orlando Magic

Orlando comes into this conversation because of their lack of depth at the power forward and center positions. Currently, former Blue Devil Wendell Carter Jr is holding down the starting big man spot. His injury history may leave Orlando wanting more depth at the position. Zach Collins slides in to add some needed shooting while being able to fit in multiple lineups. 

As it stands, players such as franchise forward Paolo Banchero and newly drafted Anthony Black are not good at spacing the floor. On top of that, Jalen Suggs has had a hard time proving his worth. Wendell shooting 35% from three-point land has helped a little bit, but it's a small sample and not consistent.

It's really hard to be successful in the NBA while starting 3 to 4 players who can't properly space the floor, and stars like Banchero need plenty of spacing around them. If Wendell can take the next big step in his game, this could be drowned out. There are a lot of variables that would make Collins attractive to them. 

3. The New Orleans Pelicans

This is a bit tricky with New Orleans being over the tax. While not deeply in debt like a lot of NBA teams, the Pelicans would have to acquire Zach Collins through means of a sign and trade. This would involve San Antonio's cooperation, but we have seen them wanting to do right by their places if they have eyes for other teams. This scenario would also net the Spurs a decent asset as well. 

The reason New Orleans makes a move like this is because after this season, veteran center Jonas Valanciunas's contract expires. This leaves an opening for the Pelicans and a desire to see who could fit well next to front court mate, Zion Williamson. Zion is unlikely to ever be a long range shooter, so he's going to need plenty of space to attach the rim.

Zach Collins fits that role while also doing the dirty work defensively in the paint. If New Orleans prioritizes spacing badly enough, they may be willing to send some draft capital to San Antonio via sign and trade. Obviously this scenario is contingent on Zion Williamson health and how that could impact his future with New Orleans

The San Antonio Spurs are gearing up for a fun season with plenty of players on expiring deals, looking to prove themselves. I can see a floor spacing big man like this go for 15 to 18 million dollars annually. If Zach Collins can stay healthy for another season while expanding on last year's success, there's a shot that he becomes a very valuable free agent in 2024.