3 Surprising takeaways from the Spurs in Wembanyama's Summer League finale

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Hitting the Bricks

One of the main reasons the Spurs lost this matchup was the poor shooting from players like Malaki Branham and Julian Champagnie. In the first three games of Summer League, these two shot the lights out, with Champagnie averaging over 20 points per game. Those performances weren't present on Sunday as they went a combined 2-for-23 from the floor and a dreadful 1-for-11 from beyond the arc.

The Spurs only got an underwhelming 10 points out of that pair against the Blazers, and that wasn't what the team needed to stay undefeated. The entire team also shot a subpar 27% from deep. On a positive note, both offered production elsewhere, with Branham recording four assists and a steal while Champagnie grabbed six rebounds.

Elite shooting ability lifted the Spurs over their competition in earlier matchups, and they will need it to resurface if they hope to make a deep run at Summer League without Wembanyama.

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