3 Spurs who deserve more rotation minutes this season

Victor Wembanyama, Malaki Branham
Victor Wembanyama, Malaki Branham / Elsa/GettyImages
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1.) Tre Jones

Despite being demoted to the bench this season, Spurs point guard Tre Jones is clearly the best playmaker on the team. While it appears unlikely that he will start this season for the Spurs, with Jeremy Sohan assuming that responsibility, he has been impactful, playing fewer minutes. 

Jones immediately looks to push the pace once he enters the game, and playing alongside Osman, McDermott, Wembanyama, and Bassey, the second unit is able to attack in transition easier than the starting five can. Even in the half court, he has proven to be the team's best passer and the best equipped at getting Wembanyama the ball. 

Offensively, he has been better than last season, thanks to improved efficiency in the paint. Being more of an offensive threat, combined with his playmaking, has made him a key part of the Spurs, and he even has one of the highest net ratings on the team. Still, he may continue to come off the bench in favor of Sochan, but the numbers clearly show the Spurs are better with Jones playing the point.