3 Spurs stats that will surprise NBA casuals next season

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3.) Wembanyama averages over 2 blocks per game

The widely proclaimed generational prospect has already begun to make his impact in the NBA world, displaying extremely high upside in the Vegas Summer League through just two outings. Wembanyama proved to everyone that he could make an immediate impact as an all-defensive level talent, averaging 4.0 blocks per game and showcasing his extraordinary lateral quickness for a seven-foot-five center.

In last season’s play with the Mets 92, Victor averaged 3.2 blocks per outing. His ability to defend around the rim can translate to the NBA, like relearning how to ride a bike. 

However, the defensive impact doesn’t stop there; if Wemby continues to seek after matchups on smaller defenders around the perimeter, he will get his hands on jump shots; how many players will block a three-pointer consistently? 

Wembanyama is already making his way into sportsbooks outside of the rookie of the year race, listed below are his odds for defensive player of the year from a few sportsbooks.

FanDuel: +2500
BetMGM: +2500
Caesars Sportsbook: +3000
PointsBet: +2000
DraftKings: +2500

The media has pressured Wembanyama to be elite very early on, especially for his rookie season; expectations should be lowered; it’s his rookie season. Will it be perfect - no,  there will be ups and downs, but there is so much to look forward to in Victor, and it’s all about to be on display.

These are just some of the few predictions we can break down, but some Spurs fans should be the most excited about. Some honorable mentions include Jeremy Sochan’s sophomore season jump to Keldon Johson’s potential sixth man of the year candidacy. We are 82 days from tip-off time, and it’ll be here before we know it.


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