3 Spurs stats that will surprise NBA casuals next season

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2.) Devin Vassell averages over 22 points per game

Vassell ended the year as arguably the top offensive option for the Spurs, as throughout the season, Devin showed that he would be a reliable shot-creating guard who could get the work done for a full 48-minute game. The former Florida State guard finished the season with averages of 18.5 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 3.6 assists on shooting splits of 43.9/38.7/78. 

Much of the fanbase is expecting a leap in Vassell’s game in the upcoming season, and some even say it might be possible to see shades of an up-and-coming all-star within him. Through his first three seasons, Vassell’s numbers have increased year by year; Spurs fans should hope to see this trend continue in 2024.

With Victor Wembanyama coming in, Devin will have the ability to create better, more efficient looks for himself - especially now, with the spacing more than likely to improve around the floor. As better looks come his way, more shots will fall, the higher his numbers will go. Vassell received tons of praise from fans before he sustained a knee injury requiring an arthroscopic procedure that sidelined him from January to March.

The 22-year-old is only getting better, with a ceiling that should leave all fans of the silver and black excited for everything else that Vassell could bring to this team in the coming years. Let’s not forget this is a contract year for Devin; unless he gets paid before the season starts, he will go out and prove to Brian Wright what he’s worth.

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