3 Spurs players who have been disappointments to start the season

San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns
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The San Antonio Spurs have a 3-7 record and are on an extended losing streak after their first ten games of the season. While everyone across their roster must perform better on both ends of the court, several names have let this team down in the early goings of their schedule.

Gregg Popovich has the thankless task of coaching the youngest squad in the NBA, but age is far from the only component stopping the Silver and Black from ascending the standings. With more than enough blame to go around, who has fallen short of expectations in Alamo City?

3.) Julian Champagnie

Julian Champagnie looked like a lock to earn a spot in the regular rotation after his stunning display at the California Classic and Las Vegas Summer League. However, the second-year sharpshooter has failed to duplicate a single ounce of the efficient production that persuaded the front office to sign him a four-year contract this offseason.

The 22-year-old forward started misfiring from beyond the arc during the preseason, and those woes have continued across the first five games of his second go-round with San Antonio. Champagnie is 1-of-10 from three, likely one of the main reasons Gregg Popovich shifted him to the backend of the bench over the last week or so.

For someone who was supposed to factor into the youth movement in the 2-1-0, Champagnie has mostly been an afterthought. The Spurs are on an uncomfortable losing streak, and perhaps the coaching staff will call upon his number soon. If not, another stint in Austin could help Julian shake his slump and rediscover a smooth rhythm.