3 San Antonio Spurs that have All-Star potential

Orlando Magic v San Antonio Spurs
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3.) Devin Vassell

Devin Vassell's rise to recognition is going to be all gas, no brakes. If he wants to become an All-Star at some point, then he is going to have to gain entry purely from his basketball skills. As an American player who went to Florida State, he lacks the global appeal Wemby and Sochan have. Fortunately for him, he has all the tools one needs to make the leap into stardom. Vassell has gradually added muscle to his once-slender frame, and that will serve him well on both ends of the court.

The defense Vassell can provide in a guard-heavy Western Conference will assist his case for a Most Improved Player of the Year nomination, but his offense will be the true catalyst. Watching the 6-foot-5 swingman handle the rock is poetry in motion. His game is as smooth as a freshly shaved head, and those aesthetics matter to basketball fans. Devin's production has improved each season. If he stays on that trajectory, you may not see his face on the side of a Wheaties box, but you'll certainly see him donning a Western Conference All-Star jersey.


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