3 San Antonio Spurs that have All-Star potential

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2.) Jeremy Sochan

Jeremy Sochan is an interesting selection, but his inclusion is multi-faceted. Though Sochan is also a foreign-born prospect who can generate global appeal, it's his in-your-face playstyle that will catapult him into the spotlight. The Polish forward already has compilations dedicated to him being a nuisance on the court and refusing to back down from established stars. Wembanyama's arrival will bring more nationally televised games for the Spurs, and that means more eyes will be on Sochan. He can quickly become a fan favorite across the NBA.

Of course, players need more than antics to make the All-Star roster, so it's a good thing the former Baylor Bear has a versatile game. Sochan can defend one through four and he is an integral piece to maintaining the fluidity of the offense. As a Boris Diaw-style playmaker from the forward position, he has great vision and can consistently set up his teammates. He needs to polish his scoring repertoire, but Sochan has already shown he will do anything to improve, including resorting to one-handed free throws.

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