3 Spurs on stock watch for the last month of the season

With only a few games left in the regular season, some players on the San Antonio Spurs see their value rising, while others are starting to take a hit.

San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards
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1. Zach Collins

In defense of Collins, having to back up arguably the most hyped rookie in NBA history is no easy task. But in his third season with the Silver and Black, the veteran has underwhelmed in more ways than not. While there’s only been a slight dip in Collins’ averages across the board this season, the inconsistencies from the center have been glaring.

Take, for example, a nine-game stretch from January to February when Collins went 0-16 from behind the arc. It was an unexpected drought for a player who averaged 37% from deep last season. But it’s not just on the offensive side where Collins has struggled.

The six-year center ranks 90th out of 100 eligible NBA centers in defensive rating this season. There’s no denying that whenever Wembanyama is off the court and Collins is on, the team's defensive rating takes a massive hit. While Collins may be out of his shooting slump, it’s clear that he’ll need to prove his value on the defensive end if he wants to stay in the 210.