3 Spurs players who must step up after Primo’s sudden release

Blake Wesley, Gregg Popovich - Gregg Popovich coaching Blake Wesley
Blake Wesley, Gregg Popovich - Gregg Popovich coaching Blake Wesley / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Blake Wesley

The Rookie from Notre Dame was finally given a chance to show what he can do in the Spurs' regular season rotation when he debuted against the Bulls this past Friday. He played 15 minutes, scoring 10 points while also dropping 4 dimes. He had an efficient scoring night from the field as well, making an impressive 66.7% of his field goals.

Those who have followed Wesley during his time in the ACC and watched him perform in the NBA Summer League shouldn’t be too surprised that he was able to give the home crowd an energetic performance. In only one game, he was already able to play roughly up to par with Primo’s averages. For those who didn't notice, he also showed some upside on the defensive end.

Hopefully, his first outing is a sign of things to come for the newest backup point guard, but expect the Spurs coaching staff to demand consistency from him. Wesley should step it up and continue to put in the work that will enable him to provide the same level of performance that he did against the Bulls as he works on developing his game. We can expect his playmaking to be a point of emphasis toward the beginning of that journey to shore up what the Spurs have lost in Primo.

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All in all, though, Wesley had one of the more impressive first games we've seen from a rookie in the past several years. He was fearless, looked in-control, and didn't try to do too much. If he can continue to stick to his strengths and show the aggressiveness that we know him to have, I see good things for him in the near future.