3 Spurs players who must step up after Primo’s sudden release

Blake Wesley, Gregg Popovich - Gregg Popovich coaching Blake Wesley
Blake Wesley, Gregg Popovich - Gregg Popovich coaching Blake Wesley / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Romeo Langford

Romeo Langford came to San Antonio as part of the package that sent Derrick White to the Boston Celtics. His availability has been scarce thus far due to injuries that have plagued him since his rookie season. As a result, Spurs fans haven’t seen a lot of Langford in action. This season, however, he played in the opener against the Charlotte Hornets where he put up 4 points in 9 minutes. He also played in the team's loss against the Timberwolves, where he contributed 4 points, 1 assist, and 1 rebound in his sixteen minutes of action.

So far, Langford hasn’t displayed the basketball talent that made him a five-star recruit and that had him named as a top shooting guard from his class due in large part to those injuries he suffered. However, the void created by the abrupt roster change in San Antonio should provide an opportunity for Langford to step up and show everyone the skills and talents that allowed him to be one of the best players in his class as he bounces back from his injuries.

While we think it's a bit more likely that one of the Spurs' rookie guards will be getting more minutes in Primo's absence, Langford will get a significant opportunity one way or another--particularly when someone else won't be playing due to rest or injury.