3 San Antonio Spurs with the most to prove this season

There are varying perceptions about some of the San Antonio Spurs players. Here's what people are saying leading into the 2023 NBA season.
Tre Jones
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1. Keldon Johnson

It is actually a little nutty to believe the leading scorer from the previous season has the most to prove this season, but the noise about KJ has been the loudest. Despite playing with no space and inconsistent help in an injury plagued season for San Antonio, he averaged over 20 points on 45% shooting.

The complaint that Johnson is inefficient is vastly overblown and simply put, incorrect. His three-point percentage needs improving, but that should improve with the space granted by an improved roster and the addition of Wembanyama. There should be nothing but appreciation for what the Kentucky Wildcat was able to do in a year with so much inconsistency.

Keldon Johnson was a wrecking ball locked in a storage container last season. Fans should be hoping the storage container is unlocked this year and the room necessary is given to allow the destruction to transpire. Instead, there have been calls to trade this man.

One thing is for sure: KJ always gives his all when he hits the hardwood. So let the haters blab about whether or not Johnson should be a piece for the future. In the meantime, he'll continue being your friendly neighborhood wrecking ball.