3 San Antonio Spurs with the most to prove this season

There are varying perceptions about some of the San Antonio Spurs players. Here's what people are saying leading into the 2023 NBA season.
Tre Jones
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Perception is often the reality for spectators on the outside looking in and it's no different for players in a San Antonio Spurs uniform. When J. Jonah Jameson routinely criticized Spider-Man on New York City's airwaves, labeling him a menace to the city, some residents and police officers believed him. Even though the web-slinging hero knew he was doing good, the negative perception sometimes made his job difficult when interacting with those holding a pessimistic view of him.

Fans have been hearing all about how hard the players have been working in the offseason. While those players have been grinding, fans have been playing fantasy GM, deciding which players will not be good enough for the future of the Spurs. Dreaming up trade scenarios or potential free-agent signings has become a common conversation amongst fans of the Silver and Black.

Surely the players who have been tirelessly crafting their game in the shadows believe they are the heroes San Antonio needs to compete at a high level. They'll have to show it once the season begins to change the unappealing perceptions they may have in the eyes of some fans. There will always be haters and it can be fun to bask in their disdain, but once the masses stop denying your talent, the respect you receive is notably preferable.

3. Tre Jones

Tre Jones does not have the athleticism that leaps off the screen like Ja Morant, nor is he a big guard, forcing matchup problems like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He is more of a traditional point guard, making his presence felt with fundamentals, great hustle, and intelligent play. In a league with players like Dame Lillard and Steph Curry, it is understandable to desire an otherworldly dynamic player at the position but the only question that truly matters is "Will one be good enough?"

Jones has been a victim of loud calls for replacement in the fan base. The overall consensus seems to be relegating Jones to a backup role on a good team but not good enough to be a starter on a contender. The Duke product has clearly been in the weight room, readying himself for another long season with increased expectations. The addition of Wembanyama will put even more of a spotlight on the man charged with making sure the offense runs smoothly.