3 ripple effects of blockbuster Raptors-Knicks trade on Spurs

The Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks agree to a trade with potentially major implications for the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama, OG Anunoby
Victor Wembanyama, OG Anunoby / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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2. Potential Poeltl reunion

The recent transaction between the Raptors and Knicks has ignited speculation about potential upheavals within the Raptors' lineup. Despite the Knicks securing assets like RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley, the underlying motivations of this trade warrant closer scrutiny. Toronto's current struggles, sitting seven games below .500, might indicate a desire for a substantial reconfiguration. So they may not be done dealing.

Jakob Poeltl, who departed the Spurs last season in a trade with Toronto, could find himself central to this reshuffle. His defensive expertise and contractual stability could render him a tradeable asset for a Raptors team seemingly poised for a substantial overhaul. Poeltl's defensive aptitude, combined with his familiarity with the Spurs' system, presents an intriguing scenario where he might rekindle ties with San Antonio.

For the Spurs, the potential reunion with Poeltl could significantly bolster their defensive schemes. Wembanyama's absence on the court notably weakens the Spurs' defensive resolve, making a defensively-minded player like Poeltl a valuable addition, whether complementing Wemby's game or anchoring the defense in his absence.